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Wooden seated Shan Style Buddha from Burma, 18th century
Annamese Buddha from Vietnam, 19th century
20th century Shan Style Buddha head with hollow lacquer construction with gold leaf, Burma
Very fine & rare example of a Luang Prabang Style standing Buddha from Laos.  18th century
Song Dynasty Quan Yin, Shanxi Province, China, 960 - 1279
Yuan or Early Ming Dynasty Quan Yin (Kuan Yin)
Thai bronze Buddha Head based on 14th century Sukothai Style
Chinese Quan Yin (Avolokiteshvara), teak, lacquer and gold leaf, Vietnam, late 19th century
Sandstone Khmer Buddha Head from the Khmer Civilization, Angkor Wat Style, Cambodia, 12th century
Hands of the Buddha.  Hand carved teak with gold leaf, based on 14th century Sukothai Style, Thailand
Burmese Buddha Shrine.  Mandalay Peruiod, Burma, 19th century
Mandalay Style disciple monks.  Teak, lacquer, gold leaf from Burma.  Approximately 75 years old
Burmese alabaster Buddha, mid 20th century
Burmese seated Buddha, hand carved teak, 19th century
Burmese marble monk disciple, Mandalay style, early 20th century
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